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ALL COMMUNITY – Empowering Talent: Strategies for Engaging Employees Across Every Career Stage – Virtual- trueU Timeout


Employee engagement not only benefits individual employees, but also strengthens the organization as a whole. In this session, you will hear how The MJ Companies is effectively engaging employees at all stages of their careers and the positive impact these tactics have on hiring, retention and performance. Learn: Understand the unique needs and motivations of employees at different career stages. Explore effective strategies for fostering engagement and retention among employees at all levels of experience and tenure. Learn actionable tactics and best practices for implementing inclusive engagement initiatives that cater to diverse career stages within the organization. Register Here

ALL COMMUNITY – Connection is a Two-Way Street: Mastering the art of business relationships

Launch Fishers 12175 Visionary Way, Fishers

Discover: How to get started, plan, and prepare to make and facilitate great business connections. Learn: Strategies to determine who to connect with, what homework to do beforehand, and how to maximize connector and networking meetings. Leave: With tools and an understanding of how to become a good connector. Register - In Person Register - Virtual

ALL COMMUNITY – Outward Performance: Creating a Culture of Authentic Accountability – Virtual- trueU Timeout


Outward Performance addresses the source of organizational dysfunction, interpersonal conflict, organizational silos, and poor morale. By enabling a fundamental mindset shift, the training and tools in this transformational program produce unprecedented levels of collaboration and innovation in your organization. This trueU timeout will introduce an approach to accountability that prioritizes vulnerability, transparency and taking ownership of our impact on others as leaders. Learn: Become accountable as leaders and assess our impact on others. Take ownership and focus on Results vs. Blame by recognizing the Challenges I Create. Create collaboration and ensure ongoing alignment. Resolve conflict and transform tension. Register Here

PEOPLE LEADERS – The Stress-Mindset: Re-defining Your Relationship with Stress to Improve Health, Well-being, and Performance – trueU Tuesday

Launch Fishers 12175 Visionary Way, Fishers

While stress is often viewed negatively, this session introduces a paradigm shift by exploring the concept of a "stress-can-be-enhancing" mindset. Participants will discover how redefining their relationship with stress can lead to improved health, well-being, and performance in both personal and professional spheres. By learning to leverage stress as a tool for growth and resilience, attendees will gain valuable insights to mitigate the impact of burnout and cultivate a healthier approach to navigating life's challenges. Learn: Understand the concept of a "stress-can-be-enhancing" mindset and its implications for personal health, well-being, and performance. Learn practical strategies for conducting a stress-mindset audit to assess current beliefs and attitudes towards stress, identifying areas for growth and improvement. Explore evidence-based techniques for reframing negative perceptions of stress and cultivating a more positive and resilient mindset in challenging situations. Develop an action plan for leveraging stress as a positive force to enhance resilience and promote overall health and well-being. Register - In Person Register - Virtual

HR PEER GROUP – Mastering Resilience: Strategies for Handling Hard Things – trueU Tuesday

Launch Fishers 12175 Visionary Way, Fishers

Life presents us with unexpected challenges—from demanding customers and coworkers to personal circumstances and high expectations. These hurdles often pile on top of our professional responsibilities, leaving us longing for easier days. But what if we could thrive amidst adversity? Join us for an engaging and interactive session where Liesel Mertes shares her inspiring journey of overcoming loss and hardship. Through captivating stories, client experiences, and compelling case studies, Liesel will guide participants on how to "handle hard better" and discover actionable strategies to navigate challenges with grace and purpose. In this session, you'll learn how to: Cultivate resilience in the face of adversity Embrace challenges as opportunities for growth Build a supportive community and shared purpose Don't wait for life to get easier—learn to master resilience and tackle challenges head-on with confidence. Register - In Person Register - Virtual

EXECUTIVE PEER GROUP – Mastering the Power of Your Mind to Navigate Chaos and Lead with Intention.

Launch Fishers 12175 Visionary Way, Fishers

Discover how to harness the power of your conscious mind to break free from fixed patterns. Learn strategies to choose deliberate responses over automatic reactions. Leave with tools to help you lead with greater intention. Did you know 95% of our daily lives are governed by subconscious habits? We often operate on autopilot, barely aware of our actions. The remaining 5% is where our conscious mind resides- the space of choice and transformation. Join us for an enlightening session with mindfulness expert Amy Woodall as she unveils The Conscious Habit Formula. Discover how to harness the power of your conscious mind to break free from fixed patterns and cultivate a more intentional existence. Learn practical strategies to maximize your conscious mind and choose deliberate responses or automatic reactions. Reclaim control of your life by mastering the power of your mind to navigate the chaos and lead with greater intention. Register - In Person Register - Virtual