Advanced Leader

Unlock the full potential of your leadership skills with the Advanced Leader Program. This exclusive program is designed to take seasoned leaders to the next level, using a multi-dimensional approach that ensures you’re equipped to handle any challenge that comes your way. Gain the flexibility to respond to the unique demands of your organization, address your blind-spots, and move outside your comfort zone to become a more effective leader. With a personalized vision, mission, and values framework, you’ll be empowered to positively impact your organization and your own life. Join the select group of leaders who have taken their leadership abilities to the highest level with Advanced Leader.

Program Guide

Leaders have in person and virtual access to program guides to help monitor progress and keep classes running smoothly.

3-Month Program

Intimate, multi-company cohorts who learn together and bring the power of community to life.

Customized Content

42 hours of tailored content that will elevate a seasoned leader's ability to lead strategically across the organization.

Certified Facilitators

All of our facilitators are professionally trained, certified, and experienced in teaching our Advanced Leadership content.

The Ideal Candidate

  • You’ve been a people leader for at least 24 months.
  • You have had significant leadership experience.
  • You have a broad span of influence in the organization.
  • You are a Graduate of LIT, PAL or Leading Others. (not required)
  • You have a desire to strengthen your strategic skills to lead your teams more effectively.

Program Outcomes

Improve Performance

Gain insights into your leadership style and highlight any blind spots you might have.

Elevate Teams

Develop the advanced skills needed to take your teams and employees to the next level.

Increase Impact

Articulate your vision, mission, and values in order to impact your culture in a positive way.

Advanced Leader - Cohort 5 Schedule

Time is ticking. Don't miss your next opportunity.

We are opening another cohort that begins on October 3.
Registration is Open - Deadline to register is September 4!