Marcia Barnes, Founder and CEO of Valve+Meter Performance Marketing describes culture as a commonality that represents what we value as a company.  When Valve+Meter was founded more than 6 years ago, Marcia and the team got together to list values that would support her vision and define how team members show up on a daily basis. These core values are guiding principles; the North Star by which they hire, coach and hold each other accountable.  Core values determine how they treat clients, vendors and everyone in the community where they  serve.  

Create and fiercely protect a great culture to attract great people.

Each of the values below are a shared belief at Valve+Meter and are the foundation for an award winning culture.

Think – Focus and find a way forward.

Love – Act in the long-term best interest of another.

Serve – Meet expectations then go the extra mile.

Transform – Create dramatic change and strive to be irreplaceable. 

Be Just – Be fair and accountable.  Do no harm. 

A shared vision gives a sense of connectedness and belonging

Today, more than ever, people want to work where they can connect with a purpose and have a sense of belonging.  Great organizations become great when they are made up of people with a variety of backgrounds, life experiences, skills and thought processes, all working toward a shared vision they can connect with, feel part of, and contribute to.  

Valve+Meter is passionate about saying “Yes” to transformational growth and the team works together to create repeatable, scalable, profitable customer acquisition marketing for their clients.  Helping clients grow their businesses is an exciting proposition that everyone can rally behind.                  

The desire to create transformational growth doesn’t only apply to client growth.  Everyone at Valve+Meter is passionate about personal and professional development for themselves and they are connected to one another in their innate desire and pursuit of becoming the best version of themselves.  Leadership & development resources are available to all team members from day one.  Resources include access to a life coach, participation in the trueU community, access to a robust online learning portal, weekly and quarterly training sessions.  Leadership members assist everyone in creating an Individual Development Plan (IDP) for personal and professional growth.     

Valve+Meter has attracted great talent because of clearly communicated core values and a commitment to intentionally create and fiercely protect their great culture.   

Check out the Valve+Meter Video HERE!

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