• take your leaders to the next level.

    Leader in Training

Leader in Training (LIT)

Every trueU membership includes our Leader in Training (LIT) program, an immersive, 6-month program designed to take your leaders to the next level. LIT helps emerging and established leaders:

  • Grow as quickly as their businesses grow
  • Enhance their foundation for successful leadership
  • Recognize and apply the behaviors of successful leaders
  • Develop the skills to become a successful leader
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Upcoming Leader in Training (LIT) Courses

The Leader In Training (LIT) Program will be offered again starting in 2021. Check back for updates!

    LIT success stories.

    LIT success stories.

    “I really enjoyed LIT and plan to promote it to my friends and coworkers. A couple years back I wanted to grow my career so I attended a few MBA courses through Phoenix University. It was a big let down. Before attending LIT I was expecting a similar reaction. I am still in awe of have how much I’ve learned during our LIT 7 month program! When hiring for a position I would honor an LIT grad as highly as I would an MBA grad. It shows me the person is a dedicated life learner! LIT gets top marks for networking, growing leadership styles and perfecting presentation skills. I plan to stay involved with TrueU and look forward to future events.”

    Jacob Blalock, Business Intelligence Team Lead, DEFENDERS

    “I was able to pick up additional tips and tricks to add to my existing knowledge. I also enjoyed the networking aspect of the group. It was nice to meet with other leaders and see no matter what the industry, we all struggle with the same issues.”

    Geni Klayer, Physicians Network Director, Hendricks Regional Health

    “I thought it was really informative. I hope to be able to take what I have learned and apply it in future leadership roles. I think the best part was getting out of my comfort zone so much that I got a little more comfortable with it.”

    Adrian Tucker, Digital Acquisition Marketing Manager, DEFENDERS

    “Before LIT, I felt as though my leadership was much more abstract. I knew what good leadership should look like, my philosophy of leadership, but wasn’t always certain what my action steps to get there should be. LIT equipped me with skills and understanding that allow me to have concrete steps to take. This has moved me from experiencing leadership as ideas to living it as action.”

    Bekah Kidd, Shepherd Community Center

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