trueU provides organizations with proven-resources to develop leaders and grow their business.

As a trueU member, you join a growth-minded community of business leaders—and aspiring leaders—who are achieving their team’s full potential.

85% of companies WANT to grow all their people. Only 5% actually do.

There is a growing gap in leadership development in today’s business landscape. Companies often struggle to develop talent from within either because of their current team’s capacity or time constraints. Whatever your challenge, your company is full of leaders who have yet to realize their potential, or, perhaps, they do not know how to apply the leadership skills they do have. That is where trueU comes in.

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trueU is a resource to help companies grow their people through personal and professional development, self-awareness, and connection.

Member employees who go through our hands-on, interactive training, report they feel more empowered, productive and loyal. The result: confident and competent leaders who completely transform your company’s culture and grow your business leaps and bounds through increased revenue, profit, and expansion.

Make an investment in your people to invest in the future of your business. You will grow new leaders, retain more top talent and build high-performing teams. And, yes, you will boost your company’s bottom line, too. Our member leadership development programs create servant leaders who have the skills for strategic leadership and business growth to help your company flourish for years to come.

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Testimonials from employers growing with us.

  • “To date, we've had 12 high potential leaders graduate from trueU's Leader in Training Program. It's given our leaders confidence, exposure to other leaders, and stretched them to become better leaders. Their curriculum within the online program is rock solid. Bottom line, trueU is a no brainer. The investment is minimal.
    The return is easily 10x if not more."

    SETH MORALES | CEO | Morales Group
  • “Hearing my leader’s heart as he processes the difference between managing and leading is so inspiring. This is gold. I am so grateful to hear him articulate, and I feel like I am seeing his growth unfold before my eyes.”

    JASEN COLDIRON | Chief Operating Officer | Freije Engineered Solutions
  • "Every theory introduced in this class has been so helpful in different ways. Some of them were introduced in my MBA studies, but what we're learning in this class is more up-to-date/improved versions, and more practical in many ways."

    DR. SHEN MACHEEL | Practical Advanced Leadership Graduate | LER TechForce

Our solutions help businesses just like yours grow.

  • Culture

    A strong company culture creates a positive and happier work environment and improves your business’ performance. Strong culture puts everyone on the same page and provides a clear vision of the company’s goals and objectives.

    When your employees are engaged, they are more loyal and create a company culture which is second to none.

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  • Curriculum

    trueU’s Practical Advanced Leadership (PAL) is a nine-week virtual program which provides high potential leaders and managers with the tools needed to apply leadership skills and competencies to themselves, teams, and projects they lead.

    Our course is designed to initiate ideas and action to improve and grow your business. Candidates who successfully complete the PAL program are prepared to use their resources to take on strategic projects that influence others and impact growth.

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  • Community

    Leadership is much more than boosting your company’s bottom line; it is about creating a purpose-driven community of leaders with the same goals in mind.

    We develop communities of individuals who are excited to wake up each morning, go to work and make a difference.

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Grow your people. Grow your business.

Employees who are empowered with leadership skills are more motivated to contribute to their job, co-workers, family, and community. Investing in future leaders is in our DNA. At trueU, we believe whole person growth equals company growth.

Are you ready to completely reshape your business through an investment in your people?

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