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By trueU | May. 10, 2016

You Get What You Give

This guest blog by Jill Lehman, Chief People Officer, Ontario Systems and trueU member

When Kim Graham Lee, Executive Vice President, trueU approached me about my willingness to write a brief story on my and Ontario System’s experience with the Super Service Challenge, my instant response could be described as “no brainer.” I was delighted.

Ontario Systems has been a trueU member since the organization launched in 2014 – because of a shared vision of collaboration and service for the good of people, business and the world.

Since becoming members, participating in the Super Service Challenge has been an integral part of our community service efforts. Our Co-Founder and CEO, Ron Fauquher frequently talks about our core values of Service and Community often saying “you get what you give.” He means to say that our company grows stronger when employees join together to serve causes they care about. When paired with the Challenge’s goal to promote service in the workplace by encouraging companies to donate their time, share stories of service, and win funding for nonprofits in their communities, everyone wins.

Since joining the Challenge the three Delaware County non-profits with which we partnered have been thrilled with the results, earning over $5,000 in additional funding, simply by being an organization for which we were already volunteering. It’s been a reward experience for them: Not only did they receive access to additional funds, but a voice to that helps them share more about the missions they serve within a national platform, encouraging others to service. That’s priceless.

On top of participating in the Challenge itself, this year I was honored to be invited to attend the Challenge’s 2016 celebration in partnership with the Brees Dream Foundation. Not only was I able to meet Drew Brees, my favorite NFL quarterback, it was also encouraging and just as rewarding to spend time over the long weekend with other business leaders from like-minded service-oriented organizations. Hearing others share stories about how their organizations involved themselves with the Super Service Challenge to give back to the communities in which they live and work validated why we do what we do. It was a truly special event, one that I will carry with me for a lifetime.

For Ontario Systems, it really is about providing opportunities to serve. In doing so we find that our associates who care enough to volunteer are the very same kind of people that make outstanding colleagues, serve customers in extraordinarily creative ways, remain extremely conscientious about costs and processes, stay with your organization and are, frankly, fun to be around.

Whether it’s moving boxes at the local food bank, raising money for United Way, spending a week serving on a mission project, or building a house with Habitat for Humanity, the outcome is the same: Someone else is served, and the lives of both those in need and those who volunteered are made better by the work engaged employees do.

And one more notable finding: We find that associates who are proud of the company for which they work just find a little more meaning in those work days too. For those companies considering joining the Challenge, I encourage you not to wait. It’s simple to get involved, rewarding, and above all, I promise the biggest blessing will be your organization’s involvement in making a difference to those in need.