• Virtual Leadership Training

Virtual Leadership Training Programs Offered by trueU

trueU offers a pair of virtual leadership training courses aimed at molding competent leaders and building thriving businesses.

Practical Advanced Leadership

Practical Advanced Leadership (PAL) is a nine-week virtual program designed to increase strategic thinking and self-awareness. It provides practical leadership training to help businesses grow and thrive. This interactive training helps employees feel more empowered and productive, leading to increased production levels and happier employees. This, in turn, improves the company’s culture, leading to increased revenue and profits.

The core objectives of trueU’s PAL program are:

  • Develop practical skills for strategic leadership
  • Identify and articulate individual strengths and skills related to management
  • Initiate ideas and action to improve the business

Leadership Fundamentals

The Leadership Fundamentals training provides leaders with basic leadership skills needed to build a foundational understanding of peer-to-peer leadership and future leadership development. The Leadership Fundamentals program identifies individual contributors and young leaders who can become high potential leadership candidates for companies.

  • Understanding and self-awareness around conflict behaviors and resolving workplace conflicts.
  • Enhanced understanding of key principles and feedback related to leadership communication.
  • Identifying and recognizing team dynamics and how to stimulate cohesion and collaboration.

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How Virtual Leadership Training Can Improve Your Business

Virtual leadership training provides the same quality information as in-person training and offers you the flexibility to join from wherever you are. Some of the benefits of enrolling in trueU virtual training include:

High-quality training

For companies located in a remote area, or if your employees are scattered across the country, it can be difficult to find the right in-person training for everyone. Virtual training programs from trueU make it possible for remote team members to attend top-notch leadership training which can transform your company’s employees into effective communicators and leaders. They will be more likely to stay with the company and build effective, cohesive teams that are on the same page regarding your company’s goals and objectives.

Attend from anywhere

The workplace has changed dramatically over the years. Many companies expand the country and have employees working in multiple cities and states. Attempting to coordinate training for your company’s leaders in one in-person location can seem daunting.

With trueU’s virtual training programs and workshops, your team members and managers can access the training via their computers, laptops, or smart devices from anywhere.

Reduced costs

Factoring in the reduced costs of travel, hotels, food, and parking, virtual training is more cost-effective than sending your employees to in-person training. You can still offer your leaders the training they need but at a reduced cost. That is a win-win for your company or organization and its bottom line.

Select the right workshops

With virtual leadership training, you have the freedom to research and select the right workshops and training programs which match the needs of your company or individual employees. Signing up for a local leadership training or workshop forces you to be stuck with the offerings.

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Unleash Potential From Within Your Company

There is a growing gap in leadership development in today’s business environment. Executives are either too busy or do not have the resources available to properly develop their company’s leaders of tomorrow. Enter trueU.

trueU’s leadership training programs and workshops offer the following benefits and more:

Build leadership skills

People who complete one of trueU’s training programs learn the skills needed to provide strategic leadership and proven results within a company or organization. This leads to more empowered and productive workers who can now pave the way for great company culture and higher profits.

Higher retention

It is a pretty simple formula: happy workers are more loyal workers and will likely stay with the company longer when they feel they have a stake in decision-making.

Succession planning

As current leaders retire or move on, you need capable leaders to fill their shoes. trueU identifies the leaders within your organization who have the skills needed to take over as future managers and executives when the time comes.

Grow Your Business

People who are more invested in their jobs and are empowered with leadership skills are more likely to contribute to their community, family, co-workers, and company. trueU believes whole person growth translates to company growth. Give trueU your employees, and we will give them the leadership skills and show them the best practices needed to power your organization for years to come.