The trueU Statement on Diversity and Inclusion

To our trueU Community of Leaders.

We are saddened by the injustice and unrest surrounding our businesses and leaders today. We stand with leaders committed to doing better – listening, learning, supporting and building trust. We stand firmly with the black community and all communities suffering from injustice and commit to providing opportunities for businesses and leaders to have open dialogues about how we move forward. We are listening and we are grateful to be part of a community of leaders that believe in listening, learning and acting.

In light of this, these are the actions we will be taking going forward:
• We commit that every trueU employee will be trained in both implicit bias and diversity by the end of Q3.
• We commit to forming a Diversity & Inclusion Task Force within the trueU community to identify the best ways to support members in accelerating their diversity and inclusion efforts. This Task Force will also hold us accountable for results related to our commitment to be diverse and inclusive.
• We commit to expanding our partner facilitator network to include more People of Color (POC ) to lead workshops and develop content for trueU.
• We commit to continuing to expand our content offerings in our online portal MytrueU to include content about race relations and inclusion.
• We commit to hosting POC guests on our podcast show.
• We commit to supporting POC-owned businesses for at least 50% of our catering and meals budget.
• We commit to offering one trueU leadership program scholarship per quarter to leaders who are POC.
• We commit to expanding our business development efforts to increase the number of minority owned businesses who are a part of the trueU community.

We know this is just the beginning. We will learn. We will listen. We are committed to long-term change that starts with us.

The trueU Team