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The Benefits of Practical Advanced Leadership

Many companies simply do not have the time or resources to properly identify and train leaders of tomorrow. That is where trueU comes in. With a membership to trueU, we transform your people – whether it is employees or managers – into leaders who will grow your company’s culture, and, ultimately, its bottom line.

trueU believes hands-on, interactive training helps employees feel more empowered, productive, and loyal. Happy employees witness a significant boost to their production levels, paving the way for organizations to earn more profit and expand their business.

The core objectives of trueU’s PAL program are:

  • Develop practical skills for strategic leadership
  • Identify and articulate individual strengths and skills related to management
  • Initiate ideas and action to improve and grow the business

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Practical Advanced Leadership Core Competencies

The core competencies within the Practical Advanced Leadership program develop servant leaders who have the skills for business growth and strategic leadership to help your company flourish for years to come. PAL’s core competencies include:

Command skills

Your employees and managers will develop decision-making skills, in addition to other skills needed to face adversity, and even take unpopular stances for the good of the firm and its people. They encourage direct, authentic, and kind communication. Employees with command skills are looked to for direction in a crisis, accept criticism, have an enhanced executive leadership presence, and are energized by tough challenges.


Simply put, action-oriented employees know how to get things done. They are confident, focused, organized, and full of energy for tasks you might see as challenging. These employees set priorities, work hard, and are unafraid of taking action even with a minimum of planning, which helps them seize more opportunities than others.

Strategic thinking

Strategic thinkers need to have the ability of foresight so they can anticipate future consequences and trends accurately. They can create competitive and breakthrough strategies and plans, all while embracing uncertainty and complexity. Strategic thinkers can articulate vision, are future-oriented, and value planning.

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Benefits of Leadership Training for Professionals

Developing effective leaders can steer a business on a successful path to a great culture and prosperity. A leader who is good at their job will help their business flourish and allow other employees to rise to their best selves.

Some of the benefits of taking part in executive leadership development training include:

Learning and practicing important leadership skills

Your organization is likely full of future leaders who have yet to realize their full potential. The PAL program takes this unrealized talent and provides them with the right guidance and key tools for them to become effective leaders to help your business grow its culture and bottom line.

Receiving feedback and expertise from proven leaders

Who better to provide key feedback regarding leadership than the experts themselves? Learning through feedback is one of the most constructive ways to improve.

Learning how effective they currently are with leadership skills

It is a huge benefit to know your strengths and weaknesses. Understanding how effective your strengths are breeds confidence. Understanding your weaknesses ensures you know the areas to improve on.

Improving culture and organizational performance

Graduating from trueU’s Practical Advancement Leadership program ensures your team members have the organizational skills and experience needed to not only thrive in their role, but to help others around them thrive, as well. When everyone within an organization is on the same page, the corporation can effectively executive its goals and objectives. This also translates to a strong company culture because workers are happier and more positive when they feel they have a hand in the company’s success.

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