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By Tammy Rivera | Feb. 10, 2017

Mexico. Family. My Transformation

“There is joy in transcending self to serve others.” Mother Teresa.

Ensenada 2017

This weekend my sister Diona and I had the honor of serving one of the most amazing, humble, and faithful individuals I have met. Senora “A” is 72 years young, she lives with her 12 year old granddaughter whom she has raised from infancy and they rely on very little food assistance from the Mexican government and help from her family when they are able. Their one room home with dirt floors, no electricity, and an aluminum roof held very little material possessions but an over- abundance of love and faith. Her prayers for a safer home and better opportunities for her granddaughter were answered by Homes of Hope, trueU, and YWAM (Youth with a Mission).

On Saturday morning 20 of us arrived with tools in our hand & God in our hearts. By Sunday afternoon we had completed their new 3 room house, furnished it, purchased groceries, clothing, cleaning products, plants, school supplies, and a bike for La Niña.

The greatest transformation that took place this weekend for me was not about the house but about really realizing the importance of serving others, discipleship, and staying true to myself. We hugged and cried as we parted ways, Senora “A’s” were tears of joy for her answered prayers, and mine were tears of gratefulness for what she had given me; the ability to witness love in it’s truest form.

If you’d like to learn more about attending a home build in Mexico with trueU, contact We will take a team to Ensenada December 8th-11th.