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    Scale your business by growing your people.

How we grow people (and businesses).

Our unique approach to development is simple but effective. That’s why our members recruit and retain top talent and build high-performing teams. Our programs and tools impact employees at every level of your organization and align with three proven business growth drivers:

  • Experiences

    Expand your personal and professional knowledge with content that expands your mind.

  • Connection

    Meet, discuss, and share leadership experiences with like-minded peers and thought leaders.

  • Community

    Service to others creates and builds community, increases self-awareness, and improves relationships.

Member success stories.

Member success stories.

I remember the first LIT class being life changing. For the first time, I understood what it meant to be a leader vs. a manager. You see, I had measured my success on how well I managed people. That was merely how I made sure a process got done accurately and deadlines were met on time. But now I know to be the person I really want to be and the kind that a company truly needs, I need to be a LEADER. I need to be the one to influence positively no matter what my title or position is with the company.

Michelle Hochgesang, Assistant Controller, Midwest Mole

Hearing my leader’s heart as he processes the difference between managing and leading is so inspiring. This is gold. I am so grateful to hear him articulate, and I feel like I am seeing his growth unfold before my eyes.

Jasen Coldiron, Chief Operating Officer, Freije Engineered Solutions

The LIT (leader in training) program has given our leaders confidence, exposure to other leaders, and stretched them to become better leaders. To date, we have had 12 high potential leaders participate. Bottom line, this is a no brainer. The investment is minimal. The return is easily 10X, if not more.

Seth Morales, President & COO, Morales Group, Inc.

We’re a purpose-driven organization that cares deeply about developing our employees and making a positive impact in the communities we serve. trueU makes it easy to deliver on this commitment through outstanding leadership training, skills courses, and service opportunities.

Cynthia Pizarro, President, CSpring

From the live events to the content provided from their app and online platform, we have seen trueU be an important piece of development within the members of our organization.  We have used these resources to foster growth within specific areas of need for our team, from a holistic approach.  We are proud to be part of the trueU community.

Derek Gillam, Director of Talent and Culture, FF&S

“Our organization has enjoyed the various programs that trueU has brought to our leadership and management teams.  Positive results have taken place within the leadership team, and trueU’s leadership, facilitation, and passion to work with us is a major reason for this success.  The resources trueU offers to grow our people are simple and effective.  With a variety of programs offered, our leaders will engage with what is relevant to them, to help them fulfill their potential and to accomplish our mutually agreed upon goals.”


Brian Bane, VP Human Resources, Rush Memorial Hospital

Our goal is to use our business to build our people, and that means providing the tools and guidance necessary to help them tell their own “Bold Stories.” trueU is a natural partner to support professional and personal growth.

Karen Seketa, Element Three, Director of Talent

“trueU’s guidance on leadership and management has been important to the growth of our organization. Their staff provides resources that are practical and helpful across personality types. We’re excited to be their partner.”

Joel Zawacki, Assistant General Manager, Indianapolis Indians

True connection.

What you'll receive.

Are you ready to grow your leaders to grow your business? To develop peer relationships that will add value to your business and your life? Are you committed to running an organization that attracts and keeps top performers? Then you are ready to join trueU. When you become a trueU member, you open the door to a world of opportunity and receive:

  • One Leadership Program Credit to be used for enrollment in one of the three trueU Leadership Programs.
  • CEO Roundtable discussions
  • Monthly workshops and webinars
  • Community Connection Events
  • On Demand, virtual content for employees at work and at home