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Impactful Live and Virtual Leadership Events

trueU knows that teams are not always able to meet in person, especially amidst the ongoing pandemic. Many teams work from remote locations with employees scattered all around the world, making it nearly impossible to get all employees together at once. trueU acknowledges this and offers our high-quality events both online and in-person to accommodate teams that are unable to meet in person for one reason or another. Whether your team chooses to attend our sessions in-person or online, rest assured that you will not be missing out on any training or information by choosing one over the other.

We have specifically designed our virtual sessions to incorporate the same high-quality training and information that you would receive with in-person events. You are not leaving any training or information behind when you decide to pursue virtual events, rather than the in-person alternatives.

Create Personal and Company Growth

Events and memberships with trueU were created to spark growth amongst future leaders and help them recognize their existing skills, while helping them develop and grow their newer skill sets. We believe that showing your organization how to find and utilize leadership skills within your talent can lead to high-quality results within your organization, as it becomes more productive and exudes high-quality results. However, your team members growing personally and professionally is just as significant.

Investing time and resources into your team members will show them you see potential in the work that they do and the skills they exhibit. Giving them access to the top resources, courses, and training modules will help to grow them on a personal and professional level and to accomplish their own individual goals.

Events Designed to Grow Leaders

Whether you have a large or small business, trueU is there for you and your team members, every step of the way. We understand that growing and developing individuals into leaders is a significant process and requires time, rather than just a single day or event. Your new leaders must obtain the proper training and information to become strong leaders, but they should not be expected to develop those skills in just a couple of days. We make sure to mold our events with that in mind. Our events span several weeks and contain the information and training necessary to help attendees experience significant leadership development.

At the end of the day, we understand that leaders do not develop overnight. Instead, it is the result of hard work and dedication to the process. That is why members with trueU receive continued coaching and training from some of the top experts to mold themselves into leaders and to see transformational growth.

Upcoming Leadership Events

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