Todd Govig

CEO, Govig & Associates

With the support of trueU, we decided to focus on job training skills through a different lens: personal life skills. We’re aware of the impact employee engagement and leadership development can have on the bottom line, and we truly believe that doing right by our people is key. This gives us the opportunity to do both. When you empower and give value to the person in every area of life, you’re creating a culture of leadership-minded and happier employees.

Cynthia Pizarro

President, CSpring

 From the first time we heard about trueU, we knew it was a fit for CSpring. Like trueU and its member companies, CSpring is a purpose-driven organization that cares deeply about developing our employees and making a positive impact in the communities we serve. trueU makes delivering upon this commitment easy through outstanding, leadership training, skills courses, and service opportunities. Additionally, our CSpring team members are able to connect with employees from like-minded organizations where we share often ideas, best practices, and explore partnerships. We are proud to be part of trueU!

Mike Webster

President, Freije

By investing in our employees’ development, both the company and the employees make more money in the long-term. It becomes a win–win because the more stable the employee, the more likely they will not change jobs for short-term gain. That’s when I heard about trueU (trueU.com).

In less than a year of involvement with trueU, the change in morale and our culture is noticeable. The reaction is astonishing when your people see you care about them beyond their technical or job skills. Our employees have now built five (5) homes in developing areas and the word is spreading about how great the experience is, and we just completed our first Super Service Challenge. It’s refreshing to walk by the break room and hear colleagues talking about the Healthy Relationships classes they attended, instead of who was on the cover of Us Weekly

Jill Lehman

Chief People Officer, Ontario Systems

At Ontario Systems, we think it’s important to invest in people, relationships, and community. This experience is like none other in the business community. Membership provides all of our associates and their families opportunities to grow through education, networking, and service offerings. Now that’s a way to inspire and have impact—and it’s something we want to be a part of.

Karen Seketa

Element Three, Director of Talent

trueU has been a natural partner for Element Three in the delivery of support and resources to our internal team. Tiffany Sauder repeatedly states that her intent is to use her company to build people and that means providing the tools and guidance necessary to help people tell their own Bold Stories. trueU is a key player in the delivery of these tools to our team with their training and development resources that support both professional and personal growth.

Sarah Harrison

netlogx, Key Account Manager

trueU is fertile ground for learning, testing the market and sharing advice: all of which build confidence and messaging.

Daniel Saldi

Sells Group, Technology Project Manager

I have always believed that investing in people and their growth leads to a better work place. This belief became even more real when I had the opportunity to attend the Leadership In Training (LIT) offered by trueU. LIT gave me an amazing foundation on how to best understand peoples personalities, how to coach them through problems, and how to have meaningful conversations. LIT has helped me strive to be a good Servant Leader.

Kristina O’Neil

Netlogx, resource Manager

What I have gained from trueU is a call to action. Now I’ve started small activities throughout my day that reenergize me and allow me to approach my work full-steam ahead.