Stories of Impact

David Mills

Creative Director, Touchstone

David Mills, the Creative Director for Touchstone, was an early participant in the Leadership in Training (LIT) program and found it to be a tremendous experience of learning and growth. David was most impacted by living the model of servant leadership, which he then began to carry out in both his professional and personal life.

David uses the example of a sled dog to illustrate what most people think of when they picture a manager. Most people think about the man in the back who cracks the whip and barks out orders, but David knows that being a manager and being a leader are two very different things. “I didn’t want to be that guy. I wanted to be the lead dog… the dog at the front of pack that was involved in the work, that was carrying the bulk of the load, that was leading the pack. I didn’t want to be a leader who people had to follow, I wanted to be a leader who people wanted to follow.”

His efforts have paid off! David’s team has noticed the influence trueU has had on him, and Touchstone’s COO, Mark McMahan, has seen the change in how David is showing up as well. “David has become a participant and contributor on the highest level. I can think of no opportunity of involvement on David’s part that he has not eagerly volunteered to join, ardently contributed to the organization of, and invested himself fully to ensure desired results are achieved.”

Even Jill, David’s wife, has noticed the enormous change in David as a result of LIT. She says that David’s participation in LIT has had a great impact on both their marriage and their family. David is even more thoughtful than before and focuses on them as a family as he steps up to be the leader in their home and in their church. Jill shares: “He’s made a big impact on our church, with ministry; he’s all about service, whether that’s at home, at church, or at work. He’s made a difference with our kids— with Christmas we focused more on serving others than on spoiling each other. It was just a great Christmas for us."

Gary Gagliardi

Corporate Safety Director, Midwest Mole

trueU member CEOs understand that when employees leave work at the end of the day, they have another job waiting for them - a very important job as a parent, a neighbor, a volunteer, a spouse, or one of the many other roles that they fill when they leave the four walls of their workplace.

Midwest Mole, grasped the idea of spouse participation and invited their spouses to the trueU launch so they could hear firsthand about the opportunity to participate in trueU alongside their husband or wife, and recieved a very positive response.

Gary Gagliardi, Corporate Safety Director with Midwest Mole, shared his experience so far with trueU and having his wife join him in this journey. “Midwest Mole, Inc. began their partnership with trueU in January of this year and along with our employees, we invited our employees’ spouses to participate. This has created the opportunity for many of us to share the trueU experience in a unique manner. Each of us has taken advantage of the online courses. "My wife and I enjoy taking the courses together as well as taking them privately. This has allowed us to examine the different perspectives we may have on the same courses, and has been very rewarding! There is something special about being able to share these experiences and I am thankful for the opportunity.