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By trueU | Jul. 25, 2016

Goodmans Interior Structures Dives Deep to Discover Purpose

I fundamentally believe every company has a purpose greater than profits and has the potential to change lives and even the world. I also believe individuals within an organization feel more empowered when they understand this “deeper why,” giving them greater motivation to fulfill it and a better understanding of the unique role they play.

Dozens of times across multiple industries I’ve seen this greater purpose manifest in businesses and people. Some businesses, like non-profits, are more “purpose-apparent.” But, even in the most product-centric, success-driven companies, I have asked hard questions about why they exist. And, every organization, big and small, discovers there is more to their “why” than they thought.

Most companies are pretty good at answering the question, “What do you do?” So, I start there. But to help companies arrive at a more meaningful purpose, I ask these follow-up questions:

  1. “And why is that important?”
  2. “And why is [answer to question 1] important?”
  3. “And why is [answer to question 2] important?”
  4. “And why is [answer to question 3] important?”
  5. “And why is [answer to question 4] important?”

Try doing the “5 Why” exercise, and at some point during this questioning, you will discover a deeper meaning in what you do as an organization. The result is empowering, and you will approach every day with a greater sense of purpose.

Adam Goodman, president of Arizona-based Goodmans Interior Structures and a trueU member, recently spoke about his company’s deeper purpose at the Sum + Substance Conference in Phoenix. You will be inspired as you watch how Adam discovered the greater “why” to what Goodmans does. You’ll also be impressed by his energy and stage presence. In fact, I have already asked Adam to bring his engaging style to the next trueUnite!