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By trueU | Mar. 22, 2016

Finding Service in the trueU Community

This guest blog by Todd Govig, President/CEO of Govig and Associates and trueU member

At the invitation of trueU, I was recently invited to a pre-Super Bowl event to celebrate the tremendous success the Super Service Challenge experienced in 2015. The Super Service Challenge is part of trueU, which is how my company was initially introduced to it.

The invitation included the opportunity to meet Drew Brees and more significantly from my perspective, Dave Lindsey, who successfully founded and built a company called DEFENDERS, and was the visionary behind both the Super Service Challenge and trueU.

Drew was everything you could hope for.  He was extremely gracious and truly is the role model you want our kids to look up to when we think of high profile athletes.  He has served as the national spokesperson for the Super Service Challenge for the past few years and is passionate about its purpose to help businesses realize the transformative power of service in growing your people.

It was the first time I had a chance to meet Dave Lindsey and that was truly the highlight of my trip.  Dave is a fellow YPO/WPO member and made a point to reach out and welcome and include everyone in the room.  We had a great conversation about an advisory board we are putting in place in our own company and he provided some invaluable insights. These important connections are also one of the things I have valued the most from our membership in trueU.

Finally we could not be more excited about being a part of trueU and participating in the Super Service Challenge.  Our company is family owned and was started in 1978.  We have always given back to our community both in terms of our time and resources.  However, historically those efforts have generally been top down and driven by the owners.    The Super Service Challenge has given us a tremendous platform to begin to drive our community involvement from the bottom up.  The impact upon our company culture has been tremendous as we begin to get more people involved in the various causes that touch their hearts. 

We can hardly wait to see what happens on this front in 2016 within our organization!!  Thanks to Dave,trueU, and all the various people that make the Super Service Challenge possible. 

 (Entries for the 2016 Super Service Challenge can be submitted now. For additional information on it and the Corporate Partner Program with matching funds, please reach out to Amber Stanley at