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Use Transparent Leadership to Increase Engagement

High employee engagement creates countless benefits, but what happens when your company has relatively low employee engagement? Low engagement is usually caused by poor communication, a lack of transparency, and little to no recognition from managers.

This can quickly ruin a company’s culture and affect work performance. When employees are not engaged, they do not feel they have a stake in the company, which leads to poor performance, which negatively affects a company’s culture and revenue. This can also damage customer service.

On the other hand, transparent leaders create a culture of transformational growth, creating a sense of belonging within an organization. Employees do not want to be in the dark about a company’s decision-making process or future goals. They desire for executives to be forthright about the company and what is going on – whether it is good or bad.

Executives who lack transparency risk losing their top talent and face a heavy financial burden of replacing them. A lack of transparency signals to employees they should look out for individual interests first.

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Benefits of Increased Employee Engagement

Leaders who engage with their teams quickly realize the fruits of their labor. Here are some of the benefits of high employee engagement levels:

Higher Employee Productivity and Satisfaction

Engaged employees are happier employees who take pride in their work and deliver better results. You will see improvements in company culture, earnings, and dialogue among team members. According to the Workplace Research Foundation, engaged workers are 38% more likely to have above average productivity.

Higher Employee Retention Rates

Retaining employees is a critical component to employee engagement. Companies with high engagement reduce turnover rates and keep their top performers. Engaged team members are more likely to stay committed to their employer compared to disengaged workers who search for new job opportunities after just a short period of time.

Business Growth

Higher retention rates and happier, more productive workers have a common denominator – they contribute to a company’s success and bottom line. When people have a say in their organization, you will see increased profits, revenue, and expansion.

Factors that Drive Employee Engagement

How to Inspire Your Teams

Inspire your employees by being open, honest, and properly communicating what is expected of them. Whether you work in an office or from home, schedule some one-on-one time each week to touch base with people about what they are working on, or how their family is doing. When you pay attention to your employees, you are showing them you care and that their role is important.

How to Ask for Employee Input

Whether it is choosing a restaurant, movie, or where to go on vacation, people want to have a say in decisions. Work is no different. Asking your employees for input gives them a sense of ownership over the company’s goals and objectives. Asking for input:

  • Increases engagement
  • Builds ownership
  • Develops future leaders

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