• Company Accountability

How to Build Accountability in the Workplace

Provide Respectful and Accurate Feedback

Providing feedback on work can be incredibly valuable. It allows others to consider factors and ideas they might not have thought about in the first place. However, all feedback must come from a place of respect. The purpose of accountability in the workplace is not to embarrass each other, but to build each other up and promote the flow of new ideas. This improves the work performance of everyone involved.

Set Attainable Goals

Some people believe when setting goals you should shoot for the stars. While having high goals is not a bad thing, your team’s goals should also be attainable. Creating attainable goals – while also being impactful – can be a tough middle ground to find. It is important to find goals your team can reach so you can measure your progress and adjust your team’s goals as needed.

Prioritize Follow-Ups

After meeting with your team or individual members, make sure to remember follow-ups are just as crucial as the initial conversation, especially if any changes were made to the project. Managers should follow-up with employees to see how any adjustments or tweaks have affected the project. Continue to adjust your project as you see fit in order to reach your goal.

Provide Time for Conversations

Simply providing time for your people to talk with you speaks volumes. It shows you are truly interested in helping them in whatever capacity they might need. Show your team members you are open to providing assistance by allowing time for conversations to take place.

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