The Business Case

Building a Business Case

When businesses invest in the people behind the job title and help them find a sense of purpose, everyone wins. Families and communities thrive; businesses see greater success and growth. See what the research shows or read trueU Stories of Impact


  • Poor training opportunities for employees can result in 29% higher turnover rate. – Louis Harris and Associates Poll


  • 90% of CEOs say employee engagement is the #1 issue for achieving success. –Human Resource Magazine


  • People with strong, healthy relationships and social circles tend to live longer, respond better to stress and have enhanced immune systems.—“Relationships are Important to Health,” The New Medicine


  • Nearly 85% of Millennials say an organization’s community service outreach programs highly impacts where they choose to work.—Newsweek


  • Financial performance is 4X better in organizations with highly favorable employee attitudes. – Watson, Wyatt USA