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By John Ramsell | Jun. 05, 2017

All in the Serve

So earlier this month I had the opportunity, along with the rest of my LIT class, to take part in a service project. As so often happens in these settings, the agenda is a mere starting point of experiences, if you allow it to be!

Our mission was to build a “peace park” in a local apartment complex, a place of positivity and reflection, in a place where, in many cases, positivity and reflection may be in short supply.

One thing I have learned throughout my life’s experiences is that my attitude will drive almost everything. We will all have positive and negative circumstances, but how I RESPOND to it is what will drive the outcome. I came into this experience, ready to work, ready to interact with my teammates, ready to meet and work with some new faces as well!

A project like this is only as good as what you put into it, and I was ready to soak up every moment. Why? Why was this gathering special? Different from any other day? If I’m honest, I would say that for me to carve out time to spend time with, or work on a special project with people I don’t already know, is a rarer occurrence than I would care to admit.

Our LIT team, along with the Pro-Act team, were able to work with local residents, as well as dozens of kids from a local school, to paint bricks, move sand, build tables, and basically create a beautiful, peaceful place for this community to hopefully enjoy and be inspired by. For me, it was two days of very hard work, but so worth it. What was even more worth it was to interact with the kids, and the residents, to create some relationships from scratch, share smiles, stories, and maybe a little paint and sand!

“I want to be able to be a positive                                                in someone’s day every day.”

It’s one thing for us to pat ourselves on the back like we did this noble thing, but really, I want it to feel like any other day. I want to be able to be a positive in someone’s day every day. I want to bloom where I am planted every day. I want to, as a leader to my family, as a leader to my co-workers, as a leader in my community, serve them with a grateful heart, and a genuine spirit. This experience was so special to me, because it showed me how I want more of my days to be.

I helped build a “peace park”, but being a part of a wonderful team, doing something positive, and beautiful, is only positive and beautiful if done in the right spirit, a spirit of love, and of giving of one’s self, expecting nothing in return. Repeat, and repeat again.