Our trueGrowth awards are given to individuals who embody the spirit of personal growth, connection and service to others. Congratulations to all of our 2016 trueGrowth winners!

Matt Christie, Senior Business Intelligence Analyst at Walker

“Matt has been an active participant on this team, embracing all that we’ve asked of him.”

Kathy Cook, Administrative Assistant at Midwest Mole

“Kathy’s calling is to be able to work with women who are homeless in the Shelbyville area and to extend out to help women who are caught in the Human Trafficking existence, and get them out of that life.” 

Lori Council, Executive Assistant at Midwest Mole

“Growing inwardly, professionally and in service, Lori is trueGrowth.”

Shannon Crowder, Human Resources Manager at CSpring

“Shannon has an amazing attitude, work ethic, integrity, and she has proven that she can learn pretty much anything. Shannon is truly a leader…”

Lindy Emly, Claims Accounting Team Leader at Unified Group Services

“Lindy shows her leadership ability through her daily work.”

Sydenia Goodner, Regional Property Manager at Community Reinvestment Foundation

“Sydenia has not only grown individually, but she’s also multiplied the lessons she learned into those she leads.”

Darren Halbig, Executive Creative Director at Element Three

“Darren’s dedication to learning how to be a leader and applying key learnings to his role has played a pivotal role in the growth and success that Element Three has experienced since he arrived.”

Allen Hammer, Business Development Manager at Delivra

“Allen is not only an intelligent, generous, and well-respected leader in his community, he is also our “go to” guy for selling advice to our Sales Team.”

Cheri Hill, Sr. Administrative Support Manager at DEFENDERS

“Cheri is a growth-oriented learner who continuously focuses on her self-improvement; she is always seeking ways to learn and takes advantage of every development opportunity she can.”

Justin Hiott, Plant General Manager at Litho Press Inc.

“Justin has grown as a leader both at work and in his personal life.”

Anna Julow-Roolf, Director of Accounts at BLASTmedia

“Anna has added an additional level of compassion and servant leadership to her already efficient and organized leadership style.”

Clara Lehman, Senior Accountant at Simons Bitzer

“Clara shows great pride in the responsibility of being a mentor.”

Marcy Lendaro, Training and Development Specialist at Stonegate Mortgage

“Contagiously optimistic, furiously helpful, perpetually smiling, and ever-energetic, Marcy embodies the spirit of this award.”

Roxanne Lockhart, Information Asset Strategy and Transformation Consultant at Lilly

“Roxanne is committed to family and community and dedicates a significant portion of her personal time on efforts that foster community growth.”

Brittani Martel, Senior Account Executive at BLASTmedia

“Brittani is the trueU champion at BLASTmedia, leading our “trueU Tuesdays” and encouraging others to make the best use of trueU’s offerings.”

Amanda Nichols, Senior Software QA Analyst at iLAB

“Amanda has enthusiastically embraced the opportunities for personal growth afforded to her.”

Kristina O’Neil, Consultant at netlogx

“trueU values align with Kristina’s natural willingness to want to continuously improve and be the best she can be.”

Rob Ritz, Business Development Manager at Freije-RSC

“Rob has a key role in engaging our new employees in the company culture and gaining their support in growing and developing Freije-RSC as a quality organization.”

Daniel Saldi, Front End Developer at Sells Group

“Dan has worn many hats within Sells Group and always rises to the occasion no matter what is asked of him.”

Erica Salguerio, Office Coordinator at MSEC of Arizona

“Erica’s connection, not only with us and our customers, but her respect for all people, is an example to us all.” 

Yuka Sato, Training & Development Specialist at Stonegate Mortgage

“Through personal example and contagious enthusiasm, Yuka motivates us all to do better.”

Justinn Sbresny, Executive Recruiter at Govig

“Justinn combines practical thinking with patience and perseverance- important traits in a leader.”

Adam Scholtes, Director of Business Development at Morales Group

“It does not matter how small or large the project is, Adam puts his heart and soul into it.”

Jen Scrivner, Chief Operating Officer at Goodmans Interior Structures

“Jen is a servant leader who listens closely to what her people need to succeed…and then she delivers it.”

Kevin Sliwa, Vice President of Sales & Strategy at MJ Insurance

“Kevin’s fulfillment is derived from the success of others, and in this case, seeing the individuals he supports at a professional level succeed personally.”

Marilyn Talison, Receptionist at Midwest Mole

“Marilyn has led our involvement with Operation Christmas Child. Away from work, Marilyn has been active in attending trueU’s live classes, Transformation Day, and on-line classes.”

Deborah Wright, Director of People Services Operations & Organizational Development and Learning at Ontario Systems

“Deborah is passionate about continual learning and her participation in trueU programs has empowered and equipped her to expand her leadership influence.”

Debra Wright, Director of Project Management – External Projects at Central Logic

“Debra leads both people and process with a passion unmatched to drive wildly successful outcomes.”

Joe Aschenbener, VP-General Manager at Crosspoint Power & Refrigeration

“Joe has allowed himself to be the ‘caring boss’, improving relationships with his entire team, and empowering them to be the best they can be.”

Ryan Bennett, Service Account Manager at Freije-RSC

“Ryan’s active involvement means there are multiple opportunities for employees to grow their skills on the job as well as on a personal basis.”