Our Team

We are passionate about empowering the trueU community to grow by growing its people and living authentically to the trueU philosophy.
President of trueU, Kyle Defur, charts the ortanization's strategy and ensures operational excellence.

Kyle DeFur


Kyle serves as captain of the ship — charting strategy and working to ensure operational excellence that leads to delivery of member value. His passion is building leaders, generating results and inspiring a greater purpose in the workplace — beyond profits and paychecks.
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Vice President of Learning and Development, Gretchen Schott is responsible for learning initiatives for the trueU member community.

Gretchen Schott

Vice President, Learning and Development

Gretchen is responsible for the GROW pillar for the trueU community. She coordinates learning initiatives and fills the online portal with content designed to drive true results.
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Kristin Borgert

Member Engagement Manager

Kristin is responsible for engagement within the trueU Community. She works with member companies to develop and execute programs that help employees on their personal growth journeys.
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Marisa Anderson

L & D Coordinator

Marisa is responsible for administration and operations of the Leader in Training Program and several of the learning initiatives. She uses her positive energy to create an environment that is organized and purposeful so that each leader in our program feels relaxed and ready to learn.    
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