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By trueU | Feb. 19, 2016

3 Questions to Ensure the Right Hiring Fit

The other day I was having coffee with a friend of a friend who was interested in re-entering the workforce. She asked me my advice on a number of items related to a “job search” and how to interview/present herself most effectively. She was particularly interested in better understanding what hiring managers look for today.

That was actually an easy question to answer as I reflected back on my own hiring experience from both sides of the interview desk and a Forbes article I read a few years ago. Not only was there insight that would be valuable to my new friend, but it struck me again how important it is for companies to ask these questions of people that may be joining their teams. The three questions are:

  1. Can they do the job?
  2. Will they love the job?
  3. Are they a fit with the people, culture, and company?

Of course, you shouldn’t ask these questions directly but rather use more open-ended ones that help assess and provide a lens into the overall “yes/no” answer. What follows are some thoughts about each of the three big questions and three of my favorite interview questions for each of the biggies.

Can they do the job? Of course, it’s important that a person’s talents and skills match the needs of the position. In my opinion, it’s not even critical that the person have direct experience in doing that specific job before — what is much more important is that the person has the talents, skills, and strengths to do it.

Potential Interview Questions:

Will they love the job? Beyond their talents, establish if this is a job they really want to do. Do you see a genuine interest in them wanting to be part of your company, to do the job itself? Ideally, you want to establish that this is an opportunity that they will be excited to get out of bed for each morning.

Potential Interview Questions:

Are they a fit with the people, culture, and company? It’s so critical to get this one right and often this big question isn’t given enough attention in the hiring process. It’s critical to evaluate if this candidate’s personality and work style mesh well with your culture and other people in your company. Values must also align, so it’s helpful to have others in your company participate in interviews to explore the fit question and determine if this is someone they will want to work with.

Potential Interview Questions:

At the end of our meeting, I told her that she had an exciting adventure ahead of her. I was confident that she would find the right opportunity that was a “yes” on all three questions, an opportunity that allowed her to be “her trueU at work!” And hiring managers and companies that also take this approach will undoubtedly make better hiring decisions and enable even greater employee fulfillment and performance right out of the gate!