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By trueU | Jan. 22, 2016

Moving Beyond Theory to Practice and Results!

Have you ever found yourself in a state of deja-vu? You know, that feeling that you have already experienced something before? Well, it’s been happening to me a lot lately since launching trueU nearly two years ago. You see, 20 years ago I was in a different chapter of my career working for one of the biggest marketing research companies in the world. Our research included some groundbreaking studies on important business topics such as:

At the time, national consortiums of global organizations were trying to address these questions from a measurement and ROI perspective. While writing and speaking nationally about these concepts, I was able to share what the research showed, and its relationship to financial performance. I knew that organizations could be more successful by simply “engaging” employees and recognizing that a focus on “stakeholder value” builds sustainable and even more profitable businesses. It was a gift and a privilege to be involved in this work that didn’t feel like “work” at all.

Between that research career and trueU, I spent nearly a decade and a half leading start-ups, scale-ups, and more mature companies as president/CEO. Indeed, I learned some valuable lessons (the best lessons probably learned the hard way!) about running a business and how to engage your employees.

Today the overall conversation about the importance of focusing on your people has taken on new urgency. Other wonderful voices are joining in and our voices together are even louder and more passionate than I could have imagined 20 years ago.

Now, through trueU and our membership community, we are turning theories into practice by helping companies with the “how” and “what to do” in caring for your employees. We are providing tools, resources, and programs that enable like-minded organizations to grow their businesses by growing their people, helping them become the best version of themselves, their trueU!

Theory is advancing to practice…practice that we know is driving results. We have heard inspiring stories of success and impact at both a personal level and for our member organizations. We look forward to sharing those growth stories through this trueU blog, our website, and other communication channels.

The deja-vus to come will be even more rewarding. More stories will be shared by the trueU community demonstrating that as you grow your people, your businesses will grow and homes, communities, and the world will also be better for it. Now, that is truly “good business” and something we can all be proud to be a part of!