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By Kyle DeFur | Jan. 22, 2016

2015 trueU Wrap Up

There is a lot of momentum building in the trueU community of member companies, with new companies joining every month from all over the country and a 100% renewal rate for existing members! Every time a new company joins, the trueU community gets better because each business brings with it its own unique cultures, perspectives and experiences that give insight to the larger community on how it has been able to grow its people.

The greatest reward of being a part of trueU is hearing the wonderful stories of personal and organizational growth our members are experiencing. Recently an employee of one of our member companies shared that her husband and kids told her that they had noticed a real change in how she was engaging and listening to them. She attributed it to applying her learnings from one of our portal classes.

Another member company shared how they recently hired a new employee (who used to work for their competition), because a current employee shared  how he was growing by taking advantage of the trueU offerings.

trueU continues to grow and evolve. On May 4, we will be hosting our first trueUnite convention bringing the entire trueU community together for the very first time. It will be held live at the Crane Bay Event Center in downtown Indianapolis. The event will be simulcast to a location in Phoenix and others not able to attend in either Indianapolis or Phoenix will be able to participate virtually. This will be a wonderful day of inspiration and growth with great speakers who will share their own journeys and help guide us on our own. We will also be rolling out the 3.0 version of the portal in the upcoming months. More to come on these exciting offerings to trueU members and their families

Should you trueU? Do you have ideas, tools, programs, and/or resources to help people grow? Do you have a question? Our team members are available and ready to serve you.